Calacatta Gris

Inspired by marble and ideal for any classically styled living space, Calacatta Gris features a subtle, elegant, grey-veined pattern on a white background. Available in both a natural and polished finish, this ceramic can be used to create surfaces with a book matching mirror effect for a luxurious designer effect in the kitchen.


Calacatta Gris Natural

Image of: Calacatta Gris Natural Finish (Full Size)

Calacatta Gris Polished

Image of: Calacatta Gris Polished Finish (Full Size)

Bookmatch Options Available On Request

  • Calacatta Gris - Natural
    Slab 'A'
    Image of: Calacatta Gris - Natural Bookmatch Finish
    Slab 'B'
  • Calacatta Gris - Polished
    Slab 'A'
    Image of: Calacatta Gris - Polished Bookmatch Finish
    Slab 'B'


Thickness: 12 mm
Format: 1500 x 3200 mm
Colour: Calacatta Gris
Finish: Natural /Polished
Weight of slab: 150 Kg
Weight per m2: 32 Kg
Image of: Calacatta Gris Specification

Also available in 6mm and 10mm thickness for tiling and wall cladding.

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