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Calacatta Gris Polished Porcelain Worktop from Ceralsio in a bright kitchen.

Kitchen extensions – what works best and where to start

Extending your kitchen can pay dividends in terms of value to your property but also your home life. The kitchen is the hub of the home after all, so knocking down walls and extending out to the side or rear garden will extend the space and give you much more . . .

Textured surfaces in Soft White by Ceralsio.

Bathroom trends for 2018

New year new bathroom? If you are planning a re-fit in 2018 take a look at what’s on-trend in the bathroom style stakes. Comfort & relaxation – In 2018 the shift towards bathrooms that are as big on escapism and comfort as they are on practicality and function will continue . . .

The Limestone Textured Porcelain Worktop from Ceralsio fully installed in a kitchen

Tips for compact kitchens & bathrooms

Small kitchens and bathrooms can be big on style and substance, so long as they are well planned, with quality fixtures and fittings that enhance their surroundings. One of the biggest considerations in compact kitchens and bathrooms is light; if the space lacks natural lighting from windows then adding good, . . .

The Oatmeal Porcelain Products in a showering area from Ceralsio

Bathroom planning: where to begin & what to consider

Designing a new bathroom can be a daunting task, but the end results will be more than worth it so it is worth persevering. Today’s bathroom should be as luxurious as it is functional – think of it as an extension of your main living space and as the perfect . . .

Stone worktops

Embrace the rough luxe trend in your kitchen and bathroom

Reconnecting with nature is a key trend in our modern lifestyles, and one that homeowners are increasingly keen to embrace through their own interior design choices. While we may be more accustomed to clean lines and polished, glossy finishes, in the kitchen and bathroom there is a marked shift towards . . .

Porcelain Worktop

Open-plan kitchens: tips for success

Open-plan living is far from a passing fad, it is a trend that has fast become a mainstay in UK homes, catering as it does to our modern way of living. It is a look that is now a lifestyle choice; a multi-functional space in which people can cook, eat, . . .

Textured surfaces in Soft White by Ceralsio.

Bathroom design ideas – creating harmony with textured surfaces

As the bathroom has become a space to retreat to for some time away from today’s hectic lifestyles, so the fixtures and fittings chosen for this space have shifted too. On the rise: textured surfaces.

Kitchen worktop in Soft White by Ceralsio.

How to choose a kitchen worktop

With so many options of kitchen worktops, choosing the right surface for your own home is not always easy.

Kitchen design in monochrome by Ceralsio using ceramic worktops.

Kitchen design in black and white using ceramic worktops

Choosing a colour scheme for your new kitchen is an exciting process and with so many shades to choose from for furniture, appliances and ceramic worktops, it can often be a lengthy process.

Ceramic worktop by Ceralsio

Top 5 reasons to choose a ceramic worktop

Materials such as ceramic and quartz are increasingly being seen in the kitchen and bathroom. We discuss the advantages of ceramic worktop use.